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Allure Accounting is much more than facts and figures or your typical CPA-stereotype. Our clients are no impersonal tax ID’s, and we are anything but your run-of-the-mill tax accountant. There is nothing we haven’t seen in our 20 years in the tax industry. Some things brought almost tears to our eyes and some things almost made us faint. The only feeling we want our clients to have is peace of mind and the certainty that we take great care of their tax matters. We are not a one-man-show who is preparing your tax returns out of a garage/office. We are extraordinary – and up to meet the requirements of our clients!

Our entire team consists of 10 employees in 2 time zones who take care of all your tax needs almost around the clock.
We invite you to make an appointment for your free initial consultation and welcome you to our offices in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, and Hamburg, Germany.

No matter if you need support with your US tax return, the sale of your US property or the formation of a company in the United States – we are always your right choice!


Why People like us

No Surprises

Surprises are amazing for your birthday – but not so much when it comes to taxes! We take care of your tax matters, so all of your returns are accurate and filed on time. This means more time for you for all the things you truly like.

Personal Consulting

We like our clients! That is why we want our customers to feel that they are in good hands. Personal consulting and appointments are very important to us to make sure every client’s tax need is covered.

Experience & Expertise

Due to our long-term experience in the tax field and our consistent advanced training and seminars, we are always up-to-date. No tax advantage slips our trained eyes. We always look for the best deal for our clients.

First class Service

Tax Preparation for Individuals

  • Individual income tax returns for VISA-holders, Green Card holders and US citizens with ties in a foreign country and/or income from a foreign country (1040)
  • Foreign bank accounts and other foreign reporting  (FATCA)
  • Foreign business and investment activity reporting
  • Streamlined filing process with the IRS for international individuals that have failed to file timely US tax returns

You have successfully passed your Green Card interview and took the chance to finally move to the Promised Land.
Your dreams have become reality. What a fantastic accomplishment!
Make sure that you do not forget the most important rule: never mess with the IRS. Always pay your taxes and file your tax returns, because Uncle Sam is not amused when it comes to taxes.

The whole topic can be a bit overwhelming and it’s not easy to find your way through the tax-jungle alone. You can, of course, find a “specialist” virtually on every corner, who offers you tax advice for cheap to receive your biggest tax refund. You will certainly find “tax pros” who prepare your tax returns for a pittance after they gained their knowledge in a very detailed 2-day seminar. You should be careful who you trust with your tax affairs because your Green Card depends on it.

Little Fun Fact at the end:
US Citizens with ties to a foreign country and/or income from a foreign country are obliged to report this income on their US Tax Return and might be required to file FBAR.
Your usual 1040 personal tax return is thereby not sufficient anymore.
Fortunately, you have us!

For Foreign Individuals

  • Income tax returns for non-resident aliens receiving income in the US, for example, from rental properties (1040NR)
  • FRIPTA applications and filings when a foreign person sells US real estate (8288, 8288-A, 8288-B)
  • Application for US Taxpayer ID numbers (W-7)
  • Sales and tourist tax returns for vacation rental properties
  • Estate and gift tax returns
  • IRS certifying acceptance agent

You made your dream come true and bought a property in the Sunshine State? Congratulations!
Renting out the new house is a win-win situation. That way all the running expenses are covered by the rent payments. That is almost a no-brainer! A lot of new lessors are not aware, though, that with the convenience of this rental income a number of duties come up.

1040NR, W-7, FIRPTA, Sales & Tourist Tax … Come again? Pardon me?

If you want to save yourself the headache of all the nerve-racking communication with the IRS, the FL Department of Revenue and the county (and, of course, the penalties), you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you need support with the purchase of your US property, or if you have questions about the 15% tax withholding when you sell your property again, or about your Sales and Tourist Tax – our entire team is happy to assist you.


  • Bookkeeping services
  • Payroll services
  • 1120 corporate income tax returns for corporations with foreign shareholders
  • 1120-F income tax returns for foreign corporations
  • 1065 partnership income tax returns for partnerships with foreign partners
  • Applicable withholding returns for businesses with foreign shareholders/partners
  • SS-4 application for tax ID numbers for corporations/LLCs with foreign shareholders/partners

Did you become a valid member of the US economy and incorporate your business? You have already accomplished the biggest step. However, don’t forget about the many small yet important steps that follow.

We not only support you with the formation of your company but also offer the service of bookkeeping and payroll. Why should you deal with this struggle yourself? Allure Accounting is here to make your life easier.

We will certainly prepare your corporate and partnership income tax returns (1120 & 1065) as well. Together, we will develop the best structure for your company so that tax savings finally becomes a reality.

Tax Audit Representation

  • IRS (personal and corporate income tax, employment taxes etc.)
  • Florida Department of Revenue (sales tax, unemployment tax etc.)
  • Florida Counties (tourist tax etc.)

In certain circumstances, you could receive a subpoena for a tax audit from the IRS, the FL Department of Revenue or your County.

In order to keep your cool in this nerve-racking situation, we offer you representation at any tax audit. Why go through all this stress when you could hire experts to deal with this situation.

Our extra Mile

  • VISA application and business plans support
  • Projected financial statements for your application
  • Translation of documents (German-English)
  • Mail receipts and forwarding
  • Formation of Florida corporation and LLCs
  • Registered agent and registered office for Florida corporations and LLCs
  • Registration of companies with the Department of State and IRS

Clients of Allure Accounting are well cared for. We offer the complete package, so you can enjoy the comfort of peace of mind … even when the next IRS letter appears in your mailbox. We not only expedite the formation of your US Corporation & LLC but also register your company with the Department of State and the IRS.

Life is too short to wait for the mail. While you can enjoy life and do the things you love, we are able to receive your mail as your registered agent. However, you are always on top of things because you receive your mail encrypted via email or portal – no matter where you are in the world. You have the freedom to be wherever you need to be, and we take care of everything else. Well … almost.

Are you one of the thousands who are trying to establish a business in the United States but don’t know where to start?

Time-consuming and complicated preparations for your visa-application might push back your hopes and dreams into the distance. However, we are believers! Together, we face the enormous requirements for your business-visa. Our visa-application support service does not only include the preparation of business plans but also the calculation of projected financial statements and translation (German-English) as well as notarization of your documents.

With Allure Accounting you are one step closer to living the American Dream!

The Allure Team

If you are interested to see the face behind the pleasant voice on the phone or find out who has helped you so competently, just scroll down and take a look at our team. We are more than happy if you schedule an appointment in one of our offices in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral or Hamburg, Germany, so we can get to know you a little bit better, too.

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