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The $60k Estate Tax Exemption

As an international tax advisor, we witness on a daily basis how inadequate planning can cost non-U.S. citizens who own U.S. situated property thousands upon thousands of dollars in unnecessary estate and income taxes. Under current law without proper planning, “nonresident aliens” (NRAs) holding U.S. situated assets valued more than $60,000 USD may be subject to the full impact of the United States federal estate tax.

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act increased the estate tax exemption available for U.S. citizens to $11,200,000 USD for an individual or $22,400,000 USD for a married couple and left the gift and estate tax rules unchanged as they apply to NRAs. This means many NRAs with certain U.S. property, at death, may only be afforded an exemption of $60,000 USD on a certain property.

Is that fair? Unfortunately, I am not in a position to answer that question. However, there is good news: NRAs can benefit from proper planning to avoid unexpected tax consequences.

The $60,000 USD estate tax exemption applies to any NRAs’ estate consisting of U.S. situated assets. Generally, U.S. situated assets include American real estate, tangible personal property, and securities of U.S. companies. Whether an asset is the U.S. situated or not is a facts and circumstances test beyond the scope of this blog. At Allure, we are certainly happy to evaluate your individual situation.

Because the individual States are left to determine their own tax and residence policies, separate State analysis of property and tax laws may be required. Numerous countries have entered into treaties with the U.S. that may impact the taxation of certain assets, clarify domicile and situs issues, and provide additional deductions. The citizenship of an NRA must be considered on a case-by-case basis to understand both U.S. and home country tax impacts of planning decisions.

Annual Gift Limits

An NRA is only subject to U.S. gift and estate tax on U.S. situated assets. The following matrix demonstrates generally accepted federal tax treatment of certain types of assets:

Planning Opportunities

Due to the various taxation of various asset classes, there are numerous planning opportunities for international clients.

As with all tax and legal situations, a team of professional advisors, including tax and legal experts in both the U.S. and the client’s home country, should be engaged to evaluate and implement planning strategies.  

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